what are you gonna do with all that freedom?
"Lisa is a life-changer.”
- H.C., Ennis TX
"An intuitive healer
and leader who
creates space for transformation."
- Z.L., Richardson TX
"I am more of who I was always supposed to be, and everyday I give thanks for your directional arrows."
- G.K., Ozark MO
"I will never be the same."
- S.B., Irving TX

You've been working so hard to break the shackles
of what bound you. 


Whether an addiction, compulsive behavior, toxic relationship to a person, substance or habit, old stories that no longer served you, or you're just done with self-sabotaging altogether, you're free now.

Maybe you've worked the steps, you've done the inner work, you've broken free in whatever way it took.


Your recovery has been no easy path, but it's been the exact path needed to bring you to the now.


And look how far you've come.


Your life has never held so much promise.

So much potential and possibility.

So what's next?


Now it's time to find out who you really are, what you really want and to do what you came here to do.

And the best part is, you haven't wasted any time.


In fact, you are right on time.

Your life's path is unfolding, the next version of you, your life or your work is beckoning.


You know it, you feel it, it's time.


I will help you discover what your soul most wants from you next.

I don't have the answers for your soul's burning questions.


You do.


I will help you find them, and put those answers into motion, so that you can begin living the next chapter of your life's beautiful story.

Where do we begin?


With a conversation.


Contact me at lisa@soberisthenewblack.org or with the form below for a complimentary exploratory session and see if working with me might be part of your soul's unfolding path. 

There's nothing to lose, and your very best life, actualized, to gain.

A new freedom is yours.


So what are you going to do with it?

Let's Explore.
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