• Lisa Carmen

still here. not the same.

Updated: Feb 16

Re-branding after a hiatus is a most uncomfortable, awkward and clumsy experience. I've returned to this empty blog over and over, fingers hovering over keys, mesmerized by all I want to say, and uncertain as the blinking cursor taunts me. I sit, nothing happens. I'll come back, I say. I keep coming back, til something starts to happen. My questions are loud.

How do I start fresh, without losing the essence I've worked so hard to convey in my work for so many years?

How do I share how much I've changed, while convincing you that the best parts of me are still the same (if not better)?

How do I start over after taking almost two years off from the work I was meant to do?

How do I distill the experiences, strength, hope and healing of my life into my gift for you, one that you'll want to receive?

These questions have my head spinning, but I can't wait any longer for the answers. This empty blog sings her siren song, as my fingers begin stroking life into her. I begin.

And when I turn down the volume of my loud questions, the whispers of my answers begin to speak.

I do know a few things.

I do know that I infinitely trust the gestation of my work's next chapter, and it's time to push.

I know that for the time I've been "away", I've been right here. Doing the work, facing the demons, healing the wounds.

While I've been away, I've been scaling down my life, drawing inward, pulling my energies and attentions into my recovery, going deep within, getting clear and excavating the diamonds from the debris.

I know that the time is now, and hiding out or playing small is no longer an option. It's time to get back to work.

What I do know is that I want to tell you everything, and I want to know your everything, love you, support you and watch you explode into the limitless possibility that you are. I know that I am ready to give you the truth that lives in me, with the deep knowing that it will touch your truth, that my wisdom will call your wisdom forth, that the hope in me can reignite the hope in you.

And I know that my liberation is your liberation. Your work is my work.

Together, we'll expand and heal and liberate the best parts of us. No more shackles. No more prisons. No more war.

Together we are free, finally free from any lie that ever tried to grip us, bring us to our knees, even destroy us completely.

Together, we know there is no more time for anything that insults our soul.

Unbound for greatness, with this new freedom, we can finally, bravely, look ourselves in the soul, and know that now is the very best time of our lives so far, and even still, the best is yet to come.

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